Well what can say !!  ..  Everything was just going so well and to plan , something had to give   ..  We arrived in Wanganui  on the 19th after a couple of plane flights  ..  One was noticeably bigger than the other  , and even that was good much to my nervous stomachs delight  ..  We got picked up from the people we were staying with and taken to our new digs ..  And i must say the place was great  ..  Would recommend it to anyone  ..  Next morning i was off to collect the hire van and straight around to unpack my beloved Aprilia  ..  Turned up and saw the organisers and  crew of the Cemetery Circuit  team a brief chat and it was time to see the crate  ..  Blaine from Hookers Transport had it sitting in his warehouse just waiting  ..  A quick look around the crate , all looking good  ..  Time to open it up  ..  So as we do back home we had to crack a beer first  ..  Now time to open up  ..  As we unbolted the sides thing were looking good , everything where it should be and nothing broken  ..  Big smiles all round  :)   ..  Loaded up and we were off  ..  A general check over and refitting a few parts it was time to start the Rex up  ..  All good !!  ..  More big smiles  ..  Time to relax now  ..  Christmas day was good plenty to eat and drink as usual ..  Unlike last year , but that’s  another story  ..  Scrutineering on Christmas day and put the tent for the next day  ..  All done  ..  Now the weather was starting to look a bit sketchy so i was hoping for no rain on race day  ..  Woke on Boxing day morning looked out side to see overcast day and no rain  ..  Yes i thought today will be a good day  ..  Got to the track set up only to have a big dark rain cloud come over Wanganui  ..  Now this wasn’t what i had hoped  ..  This is where things didn’t go to plan  :(   .. Wet track / Dry track  that was the scene for the day  ..  I went out on the Virgins laps with all the other newbies , apart from being wet and a totally new track ( Street )  it was a heap of fun  ..  I qualified well ,  4th on the front row , this was the only time i got to use slicks all day  ..  The first i went out on wets and found the track to be dry so that made for an interesting race  ..  Finished 5th so i was grateful for that ..  Unfortunately that was the last race for me as our next one last cancelled due to unsafe track conditions  ..  The track crews worked hard at clearing water away form the race line to keep things going but it just wasn’t possible  ..  The time i spent in Wanganui was well worth the trip and I’m hoping to be there again this year as these guys really love there street racing and its a credit to them for all the  work they put in to make it happen  ..  I would like to that the people who have made it possible for me to get there for this meeting  .. Tyres For Bikes – Silkolene High Performance Motor Cycle lubricants – Dunlop – Moto Italia – Micks Fix – ProCycle Dyno – Kirsten – And these guys who have handled the shipping of the bike , you guys rock … Cargo Transport System  ( Brisbane )- Bernards International ( Auckland ) Hookers Transport ( New Zealand ) and Allan and his team in Wanganui Cemetery Circuit  ..  You all made it possible for me to be there  ..  Thanks you all  ..