After the unfortunate weather at Wanganui  for the 2012 Cemetery Circuit Street Races we spent the next day drying out all the gear and packing to head toward Nelson  ..  We had been told Nelson would be dry so we were looking forward to that  ..  Arriving at Picton to some overcast weather we were on our way to Nelson  hoping for good weather  ..  Yep , for sure it was WET !!!!  ..  Oh well we had a few days to bum around and prey for sun  ..  Race day came to an overcast sky and plenty of wind , but it wasnt wet :)   ..  As per the previous race in Wanganui i was able to get some Newbys laps in just to make sure i didnt get confused and go the wrong way  ..  Pasted that test ,  so onto the racing  ..  No qualifying done here , so based on last years performance is about where you grid up this year using the progessive grid system  ..  So where did that leave me you may ask ?  ..  Well that was a fare way back , i think they call it LAST  !!  :(   ..  But i was just stoked to be there so anywhere on the track would have put a grin on my face  ..  As the the flag fell and i watched the field at the front start to get smaller it was on , time to start chasing  ..  Anyway at the end of the 6 laps , i think it was 6 ?  i finished with a 2nd place behind the flying legend Josh Coppins  ..  So next time out i had a much better view form the front row , i did like it better up there :)   ..  After getting totally blown away off  the start line i had plenty of work to do again  ..  Those guys have some real fast bikes !!  .. Anyway finishing 1st was great  for me as it evened up the points with Josh  ..  Start of  Race 3 was just like the others the poor ole Aprilia just didn’t have the Neddie’s , but after much pushing i found my place at the front and rode to the chequered flag first  .. That gave me the S1 championship for 2013  .. Myself and the  team were very happy with the result , with many tasty beers to follow that night  ..    It was a great experience to race there and all the people i saw and met were just fantastic  ..  Any help i needed was offered   ..    I would recommend to anyone wanting to  compete or just go to  watch this well put together and organised event to do just that ..  Just like the Cemetery Circuit meeting you wont get this close or this sort of event here in Australia , its  worth the trip !!    ..  Lastly i would just like to thank Andy & Brenda form ABs Ducati Nelson for helping me get there  and  everyone involved with the club who made things so easy for us ..  A big thanks also goes to George & Jill at the Fish Stop in Nelson , you guys looked after us so well , go the mussel fritters  !!  .. Thanks to Tyres For Bikes  ( Brisbane & Sunshine Coast ) – Silkolene High Performance Motorcycle Lubricants (  Aust ) - Moto Italia ( Emu Plains NSW )  - Micks Fix  Brisbane ( Aust )- Dunlop Tyres - Procycle Dyno ( Brisbane Aust ) - Cargo Transport System ( Brisbane Aust ) - Bernards International ( Auckland NZ )  ..  See you there next year  ..